pronta consegna
Pronta consegna garantita| si
Annata | 2015
Provenienza | Piemonte
Denominazione | DOCG
Vitigni | cloni Michet, Nebbiolo, Rosè e Lampia.
Alcol | 14, 5 % vol.
Formato | 750 ml
Consumo Ideale
Consumo Ideale | N.D.
Temperatura di servizio
Temperatura di servizio | 18°
Aroma | 18°
Abbinamenti | arrosti di carni rosse, bourguignonne, brasati, formaggi stagionati., Selvaggina
Categoria | vino rosso


8,80 / 3 mesi

The vineyard was planted in 1978 and 1991; grown organically. Planting sixth of 3500 plants per hectare; low espalier Guyot training. The grapes are harvested in the first half of October; harvest by hand with careful selection of the bunches. The vinification takes place through soft pressing and destemming of the grapes; static fermentation in oak vats with indigenous yeasts selected from the grapes of our vineyards; subsequent maceration for about 30 days with frequent spraying of the skins. Aging takes place in medium-sized French oak barrels (15-30 hl) for 3 years with a minimum of essential decanting. It does not undergo any type of clarification and chemical-physical stabilization before bottling. Refinement in the bottle for at least 12 months. The color is garnet red with orange reflections, an ethereal, mineral scent, with notes of ripe red fruit, dried rose and undergrowth. The taste is dry, savory and velvety. Rich in noble ripe fruit tannins that leave a delicate final sweetness. Food matches: roasted red meats, braised meats, game, bourguignonne, mature cheeses.


The Barale Agricultural Company has its roots in the distant 1870 when the Barolo wine promoted by the Marquises Falletti and Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, had recently appeared in the Langhe. Francesco Barale, great-grandfather of the current owner, was among the pioneers of the production of this lucky wine. Today it is Sergio Barale and his daughters Eleonora and Gloria who collect the centuries-old family experience. “Because we believe in the harmony between viticulture and the environment, we have converted the entire company to organic farming. Spontaneous grassing of the rows, fertilization with natural manure, manual weeding, the exclusive use of copper and sulfur-based products, are some of the vineyard management practices adopted to safeguard native flora and fauna and keep the soil naturally fertile. “In the cellar, the vinification and aging processes are aimed at producing harmonious wines in which the characteristics of the grape variety and the area of ​​origin emerge. The history of Barolo is fascinating, a wine born at court and raised among the people, whose fame is the result of the hard work of generations of Langa winemakers. An authentic wine that uncompromisingly reflects the characteristics of its vine, Nebbiolo, and the territory of origin. This is why Barolo is indomitable, it cannot be harnessed in fashions, it must be left free to express itself in its dialect made up of a thousand facets that change from hill to hill. For 150 years the Barale family has shared its destiny, carrying on the tradition of the great Barolo, capable of lasting over time and keeping its promises.

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